Flux Hybrid Custom Case
iPhone 6/6S

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Build your own iPhone 6S and 6 case.

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If you are looking for a strong, sleek, stylish, and lively case for your iPhone 6/6S, then the Flux Hybrid custom case is the right choice. Flux Hybrid cases come in numerous color combinations, and can be mixed and matched to create your own unique combinations! Add a vibrant dash of life to your iPhone 6/6S. Build an iPhone case with dual layered protection. Two pieces, two types of protection: a tight-fit soft rubber shock-absorbing inner sleeve and a snap-on soft-touch hard shell to offer protection from sudden impact. The shock-absorbing sleeve covers the power and volume buttons without sacrificing tactility, and the outer hard shell is tested to military standards to prevent damage from any strong impacts. Flux Hybrid cases are so slim and compact you’ll forget they have two pieces. This case also features a built-in sound enhancer which points your phone's sound directly towards you.

  • Accessible buttons

  • Drop-proof

  • Military standard

  • Precision cut

  • Sound enhancer

  • Screen Protector



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    Flux Hybrid Custom Case - iPhone 6/6S
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