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Screen Patrol Anti-Blue Light Tempered Glass - Galaxy Note 5

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Screen Patrol Anti-Blue Light Tempered Glass
Galaxy Note 5

Product Details:

Responsive screen keeps touch functionality working well. Anti-blue light technology protects your eyes. Shatterproof and scratch-proof glass. Precision cut to fit your screen. Installs in seconds with no bubbles. Smudge proof with oil-resistant coating.

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Tempered Glass

Screen Patrol is so tough that it will remain intact under all but the hardest impacts. And if the screen protector should ever break due to a very hard impact, your device's screen will be perfectly intact underneath the spent screen protector.

9H Hardness

Screen Patrol's top layer takes scratch-resistance to a new level. With a 9H hardness rating, Screen Patrol cannot be scratched by knives, let alone your house keys.

Bubble-free installation

Since tempered glass is not very flexible, bubbles are almost impossible when installing screen patrol. Watch the air pockets get pushed out to the side as you install the glass!

Responsive Screen

Screen Patrol maintains your original native touch experience with a barely-there thickness of 0.33 mm. Plus, this also means you can see your screen like it was meant to be seen.

No More Fingerprints

The oleophobic coating keeps fingerprints off your screen by repelling any and all oils. Cleaning your screen just got way easier.

Anti-Blue Light Technology

All mobile phone displays emit potentially harmful levels of high-energy blue light, whether it be directly from the AMOLED or from the LED backlight on an LCD screen. Anti-blue light cuts these emissions by 50%, reducing eye damage and improving your sleep while not making any changes to the look of the screen.



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