Tempered Glass Screen Protectors

Caseco's tempered glass and flexible glass screen protectors will guard your screen from all kinds of unfortunate accidents. Protection of your touchscreen not only prevents visual damage, but ensures your phone looks its best at all times and preserves all-important functionality.

Tempered glass is extremely tough and will be safe from bumps, drops and scratches. Just like your screen, when it breaks it shatters into many tiny pieces - and in most cases the broken tempered glass can be peeled off, leaving a perfectly intact screen underneath.

Get the best of both worlds with our flexible glass screen protectors. Made from a glass-plastic hybrid, flexible glass combines the strength of tempered glass with the flexibility of regular plastic screen protectors. The flexibility gives additional touch-sensitivity, which can be a great benefit for phones equipped with 3D-touch or pressure-sensitive technology. Simply put, flexible glass provides superior protection for your phone's screen. With its thin, touch-sensitive, flexible and impact-resistant build, you will hardly feel the screen protector on your device.